Hi and WELCOME to my site! My name is Amy, and I am a certified nutritional coach for the 21 Sugar Detox Program! I have always been into health and fitness and love sharing my passion with others and what has worked for me over the years! It all started with a program when I was little called, ‘Get in Shape Girl’, and I was dancing and having so much fun staying “active”. Food was a weakness of mine…….especially SWEETS!!!!!! I love everything chocolate and chewy candy is so satisfying! I noticed when I ate these “sweets” ….I felt immediately awful and I was VERY active and not fueling my body with what it needed to really THRIVE. So, I had the food piece missing! Eventually I learned that not eating these things in excess would lead to a more balanced, healthy, full energy, life! I FELT better! What a difference healthy eating can make…when you are eating a balanced protein and fat diet! Once I cut out sugar, refined foods, and SOME gluten, my blood sugar stabilized. What a relief! It definitley fueled my workouts and rounded out my health for the good! So, I’m here to help YOU, succeed! I would love to be your coach and help YOU reach your fitness goals and BUST through your sugar cravings and lose weight! Reach out to me with questions and I’m here for you along the way! Cheers to a NEW YOU and an incredible lifetime health journey!